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“Active feedback from participants brought up issues I never even realized or had imagined are important to the success of teleworking!”


-Federal Agency Supervisor, “Managing Telework”

“This is a great example of how a workshop should be run.  Teaching, discussion, scenarios that represent our world (so often they represent some other world…)”

-Private Sector, Science Industry Employee, “Successful Telework”




What is telework—really?


Employers today understand that implementing telework can make a bottom-line difference, through enhanced recruiting, retention, morale, productivity, and continuity of operations. 

What does it take to have a truly great telework program?

The right policy

WorkLife Performance, Inc. can help you design a telework policy and program that are

  • Aligned with your mission and business goals
  • Targeted to meet the specific roles and responsibilities of your workforce
  • Fully integrated with your HR and IT policies for performance and security
  • Focused on consistent, results-based participation – not entitlement

The best training

Let WLPI deliver the education and tools your staff needs for superlative business performance.  These highly interactive and fast-paced workshops can be delivered off-the-shelf or customized fully to your telework policy or collective bargaining agreement. Half-, full-, and multiple-day programs are available.

  • For managers: addressing their perceptions and concerns, and structuring results-based practices and metrics. [See sample syllabus]
  • For teleworkers:  how to plan their work, maintain efficiency and productivity, and actively communicate with their manager, colleagues, and customers.  [See sample syllabus]
  • For virtual teams:  best practices in communication, collaboration, and synergy.



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