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“Dayna’s personality was just perfect for this Retreat.  I really liked her energy and enjoyed her style and presentations.  Thank you Dayna for the great moments and laughs.!!!”


-Retreat Attendee, Public Sector Finance Industry

“Dayna led an outstanding presentation with great energy and coordinated involvement at appropriate levels to allow discussion and examples but kept us on track.”


-Meeting Attendee, Realty Association


Teams, Meetings, & Retreats

Meeting Management

You set the agenda – and then rely on WorkLife Performance, Inc. to provide an energetic, organized professional to keep the group on track, ensure balanced participation, and document actionable results.  The role of the Meeting Manager is especially invaluable when

  • Each item on your agenda is critical, and you need to be sure every point is addressed and brought to closure
  • The group has developed meeting habits that include digression or derailment, especially when topics get heated
  • Some participants are more likely to dominate – or withdraw
  • You have virtual participants joining by phone or videoconference.  The Meeting Manager becomes their in-room advocate, giving them a place at the table and the opportunity to participate fully despite distance and technology limitations

Retreat Design & Facilitation

You envision change and improvement for the group, and you’re confident that bringing them together will make a difference.  It’s a significant investment in time, budget, and effort; you want the best program design, with a perfect balance of energy and results.  The WLPI Facilitator works with you before, during, and after your event, and is critical as

  • A neutral third party, who can confidentially assess the driving issues and needs of the group, and develop recommendations for your meeting that will target areas of greatest need and potential improvement, to help you uncover and articulate the fundamental objectives and success factors for your retreat
  • A program designer, who can work with you to craft a highly interactive and engaging event that includes the optimal balance of skill building, team building, and strategic work according to your business objectives
  • A meeting facilitator, who can bring energy, coherence, creativity, and humor to the session, and ensure balanced participation, time management, and focus on meeting the objectives while staying attentive and flexible to the participants’ needs
  • A post-event advisor, who will debrief with the group leadership and make tangible recommendations for activities to help you sustain the commitments and follow through on action items that resulted from the meeting


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