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“Dayna…provided more tools to help deal with my difficult employee. In addition, she really had me step back and take a look at me - how am I relating to my style...and the things that I am actually doing well. This gave me a different insight to managing and was an eye-opener.”


-Non-attorney Senior Staff Member, Legal Firm

“The content was terrifically relevant to my office needs -- and I believe to the agency as a whole.”


-Federal Agency Executive







Performance Management


What about managing performance on the other 363 days?

When you promote your best people to management – how do you know they’ll be great managers? You promoted them because of their technical excellence.  But there can be a world of difference between being a great individual contributor and being a great manager.  And lousy managers are the #1 reason talent walks out the door.

Invest a day and a half.  Get performance management 365 days a year.  

Being responsible for the performance, productivity, and motivation of staff and teams can be the most challenging – and rewarding – work a professional will ever do.  This workshop helps participants expand their knowledge of themselves, their work challenges, and their management toolkits – and provides reality-based insight into new methodologies and best practices for motivating performance.  It offers fundamental techniques that can and should be applied the moment attendees return to their offices. 

"The Superlative Supervisor:
Communicating for Motivation and Results"

  • 1.5 days, instructor-led program
  • Maximum 25 attendees

Anyone who supervises others recognizes that one size does not fit all.  The highly successful manager has knowledge of his or her own preferences and style, an awareness of how to maximize that style, and the flexibility and tools to adjust as needed for a diversity of employees and circumstances in the workplace. 

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, participants will:

  • Learn experientially how their ways of thinking and behaving can differ from those of their staff, and how what seems perfectly clear to the manager may be hazy to an employee
  • Uncover assumptions and beliefs regarding performance, productivity, and motivation
  • Analyze the important differences between “supervising” and “managing performance”
  • Learn and practice applying the purpose and principles of supervising others, with upfront and ongoing communication
  • Recognize the benefits and pitfalls of being a hands-on or hands-off manager, and learn to use the right degree of involvement according to circumstances and need
  • Use a simple but powerful model to develop clear, meaningful instructions and “inside information” for individual and team performance
  • Stretch their thinking and strategies for ongoing, motivational communication
  • Increase their skill in utilizing strong questioning skills for better engagement and problem solving
  • Recall the fundamentals – and criticality – of regular, meaningful feedback
  • Reinforce their understanding of how all these skills and practices become even more valuable and important with flexible work arrangements


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