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The Flexible Workplace

Mobility and the bottom line.

WorkLife Performance, Inc. has been a pioneer in organizational evolution for more than ten years, helping leaders and managers, teams, and individuals expand their potential and thrive in a world of mobility and change.  Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, WLPI offers consulting and training to public, private, and non-profit organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and around the world.  We can help you

analyze and articulate your human capital vision,
select and implement the best flex programs and strategies for your current and potential workforce,
establish the metrics and reporting practices you need to measure and refine those programs for optimal return on investment,
deliver training for enhanced knowledge and skills in performance management and employee engagement, and
support your long-term cultural evolution through executive coaching, management forums, and team synergy sessions.

  Dayna S.

As founder and president of WorkLife Performance, Inc., Dayna offers more than 30 years of experience in professional development, performance management, and work/life programs and policies, with particular focus on managing telework and virtual teams.  As a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach Dayna has worked with clients in more than 15 countries.  She is a highly rated guest faculty member at OPM’s Eastern and Western Management Development Centers, and she is a national spokesperson on the challenges and rewards of a Flexible Workplace.


The Flexible Workplace

With the advent of a new century, much is known about the frighteningly tight labor market of today and tomorrow. The latest census numbers speak volumes on the diversity of our nation and therefore of the workforce. Every successful organization must have a strategy and tactics in place to embrace the opportunities inherent in such rich diversity and to meet the competition for human capital.

Building a workforce of the best and brightest requires policies that are both business-smart and family-friendly. Being an employer of choice means creative work practices and reality-based guidelines; it means having a marketplace leadership position, to attract and retain the luminaries of each generation; and it means having skilled, knowledgeable performance management throughout the organization to maximize these new corporate assets.

Let WorkLife Performance, Inc. help your organization answer these questions:

What is a “flexible workplace” -- really?
What is “teleworking” -- really?
How do we ensure our company culture advances with, and benefits from, our work/life programs?
How do we improve our recruiting and retention -- and our bottom line?

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Frequently asked questions

What is a flexible workplace—really?
What is telework—really?
How do we ensure our company culture advances with, and benefits from, our work/life programs?
How do we improve our recruiting and retention—and our bottom line?



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Let WorkLife Performance, Inc. help you meet the policy and interactive training requirements of the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.