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What is a flexible workplace—really?

The Flexible Workplace

You appreciate the value of work/life balance, and you want a program that addresses both your human capital strategies, and your bottom line.

Let us help you create a flexible workplace

Assessments.  We will study your current and projected demographics.  Talk to your employees.  Determine your organization’s optimal business drivers – recruiting? Retention? Business continuity?  What will you measure?

Design We’ll help you create and communicate a Flexible Workplace business plan.  Draft a policy and procedures that are clear, practical, and aligned with your mission, performance practices, and reward systems to achieve the results you want.

Education.  We’ll promote your business case for a Flexible Workplace.  Give your managers the education and tools for performance management in the evolving flex culture.  Give your flex workers insight and best practices in planning their work and managing themselves and their productivity.

Coaching.  For immediate and lasting impact, WLPI can facilitate regular dialog sessions for managers, teams, and flex workers, to help them plan business coverage, organize teamwork, identify and solve problems, and share learning experiences.

Let us help you maximize your current program

Assessments.  We will find out the perceptions vs. the realities in your work environment, for your managers and employees.  Seek the symptoms and sources of program resistance.  Gain insight for strategic and tactical change.

Design.  We’ll help you identify conflicting or hazy guidelines and practices, and overcome challenges that have arisen from misperceptions.  Tighten and clarify the policy, and assure that it is robust, clear, practical, and integrated with the organizational mission and goals.

Education WLPI can present the insight, education, and tools for managers and employees to thrive in a flexible workplace.  We’ll de-mystify the policy, and encourage sharing of experiences and solutions.

Coaching With regular, comfortable peer synergy sessions we can facilitate new, more effective communication practices for managers, teams, and individuals.   Create a community that implements and leverages your flex program with consistency and equitability.


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