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"I'll be honest. Dayna is the best. Her very personable demeanor and her ability to infuse her concrete knowledge of psychology, leadership, and organizational behavior make her one of the best coaches I have ever seen. I feel very privileged to have worked with her.”


-Coaching Client, Senior Executive, Nonprofit Finance Sector

“I learned to interpret past professional experiences/successes to better define my professional strengths in terms of what (my organization) seeks in managerial positions.”


-Coaching Client, Engineer, Federal Agency






Executive Coaching

Coaching brings fresh thoughts and possibilities; skill building and a safe place to practice; extra tools and innovative ways to address problematic management challenges and elusive leadership attributes; even some help coming “unstuck” from a position or set of circumstances. 

  • Imagine a decision-maker who’s at a stage in his or her career when the abilities, background, and expertise they’ve always fallen back on simply aren’t taking them to the next level.
  • Maybe you have an executive with talent, skill, deep experience – but something is getting in the way of their professional success.  (360’s and Staff Surveys rarely lie.)
  • What about your high-potentials, who have goals, desires, and a vision for change?  Rainmakers are always looking for new opportunities and clear strategies to keep up the energy and engagement.  (And if they can’t find it with you, they’ll look elsewhere.)
  • What’s the best way to move someone from staff to management?  From management to leadership?

These professionals are ready for evolution – and an executive coach can be the catalyst. 

The Client Brings…

  • An eagerness to learn
  • Enthusiasm for possibilities
  • Willingness to risk
  • Courage to experiment
  • Readiness to invest
  • Vision for new ways of being
  • A strong sense of potential achievement
  • Commitment to work
  • Desire to collaborate
  • Openness to reinvention
  • Honesty
  • Energy

The Coach Brings…

  • Coaching expertise and experience
  • Confidentiality, a safe environment
  • Frameworks, clarifiers, new language
  • Concepts, models, case studies, best practices
  • Tools and strategies
  • Provocative questions
  • A belief in greatness
  • Stimulus for transformation
  • Focus on sources, not symptoms
  • Dedication to success as the client defines it
  • Honesty
  • Energy

Compare the ROI
  a day or two in a one-size-fits-all classroom?  Or 12-24 hours of private, goal-oriented, one-to-one conversation, exploration, and skill practice?  It’s a whole different return on investment.


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